Remington Colour Cut | HC5038

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Remington Colour Cut | HC5038

  • Remington Colour Cut or HC5038
  • Remington Colour Cut or HC5038
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Remington Colourcut Hair Clipper Manchester United Edition | HC5038

The Remington ColourCut Clipper Manchester United Edition gives every Manchester United fan an easy way to get a professional barber's cut outside of the salon. With 9 colour coded combs ranging from 1.5mm-25mm and 2 taper combs, no longer do you have to get your length blades confused. Select the colour you need to create the style you want. In addition to the nine colour combs, there's a neck brush to remove trimmed hair from the neck area, a styling comb and hairdressing scissors for trimming, grading and detailing, a cleaning brush to remove hair from the clippers - giving you everything you need to create a barber cut at home.

The self-sharpening steel blades ensure the clippers are easy to clean and deliver an optimum hair cutting performance. Part of the Manchester United styling collection by Remington, this hair clipper makes an ideal Manchester United gift for the style-conscious Man Utd fan. Designed with club colours and featuring the iconic Manchester United crest, you'll also get a barber's cape to complete the kit - featuring the Manchester United badge in full colour.

This is an official Manchester United product. Official Manchester United Merchandise Includes a barber's cape featuring the full colour Manchester United club crest, Stainless steel self-sharpening blades, 9 colour combs for easy grade selection (1.5-25mm) and 2 tapered combs Taper lever from 0.5mm to 2mm, Corded for reliable power, Cleaning brush, Neck brush Scissors Styling comb, 17 PIECE KIT. In addition to the nine colour coded combs and 2 taper combs that make selecting your grade easier than ever, a cleaning brush removes any unwanted hair, plus scissors and a comb make up the kit to trim any longer hair lengths before clipping and grading.

STAINLESS STEEL BLADES These quality hair clippers deliver an outstanding cutting performance every time with self-sharpening steel blades.

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