Energy Labels Explained

Energy Labels Explained

Energy labelling was first introduced by the EU in the 1990s to help consumers make a choice based on the relative energy efficiency, overtime this system became complicated with the introduction of A+, A++ and A+++. Since March 2021 these ratings are being phased out and a new rescaled energy label, ranging from A to G only, has been introduced. The new label makes it easier for you to choose the most energy efficient product within your budget range.

How to read the A - G energy label

The label rates products from dark green (A) to red (G). Products in the darkest green category are the most energy efficient, use less energy and help you to lower your energy bills and CO2 emissions.

A+, A++ and A+++ being phased out

A+, A++ and A+++ performance classes were introduced for certain products some years ago. However, as these classes can be confusing, the European Commission is gradually phasing out their use and replacing them with the new rescaled A-G energy label.

Ease of comparison

The label shows you how much energy the product uses under typical operating conditions, in kilowatt hours (kWh) per annum or per 100 cycles, depending on the type of product, so you can easily compare different models. The lower the kWh figure, the less energy it will use, saving you more money on your energy bills.

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How does WEEE work?

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27th Apr 2022

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