Beat the Summer 2022 Heat with these Cooling Fans from Expert

Beat the Summer 2022 Heat with these Cooling Fans from Expert

This week Met Eireann has issued a high temperature warning for Ireland to warn us about the uncomfortable heat and sweltering temperatures which may reach the late 20s and even hit 30 degrees celsius. This spike in hot temperatures is expected to start on Sunday the 17th of July and stay with us for most of the week that follows. Conditions are also expected to be just as uncomfortable at night time with temperatures expected to stay over 20 degrees making it a difficult task to keep cool and comfortable while sleeping.

This predicted heat is going to make it more uncomfortable for us all to do our normal daily tasks whether we are at home, at the office or even trying to get a restful sleep at night time so it is going to be more important than ever for us to try to keep cool.

Some quick tips to keep cool during a heatwave include:

  • Stay Hydrated and always keep a water bottle within reach
  • Dump the duvet at night and even consider putting your pjs or pillow in the freezer for a short length of time
  • Fill your hot water bottle with cold water and keep it nearby at night
  • Keep your rooms at home cooler by keeping windows closed and blinds down
  • Take cooler showers
  • Wear sensible cool clothes and also remember to apply sun protection

The easiest and quickest way to keep cool at home or in the office is to have a handy cooling fan nearby to keep the air cool so you can keep yourself alert in the office or relax comfortably at home.

Keep Cool with these Cooling Fans from

Expert Electrical have a range of cooling fans available for you to choose from including fans to suit all budgets, needs and preferences. Browse our best pick of cooling fans including electric fans, bladeless fans and the very popular bladeless  Dyson fans.

Dyson AM07 White Tower Fan - €399

The Dyson AM07 Tower Fan is a popular choice when it comes to a bladeless fan as it’s powerful air projection generates a smooth airflow to help you keep cool while also working quietly in the room of your choice. In fact, the Dyson AM07 works so quietly it was awarded the the Quiet Mark by the Noise Abatement Society making it ideal for keeping everyone cool and not distracted in the office or to keep you cool while working from home. This fan also has no blades making it safe to have in any home with kids and easy to clean and store away when it is not in use.

Innovagoods Bloho Blade-Free Fan With Purifying Filter And Remote Control - €209

Keep the air cool and breathable with this versatile blade-free fan which includes a purifying filter and remote control. The innovagoods bloho blade-free fan is ideal for cooling and purifying your surroundings quietly but efficiently while making it easy to control with a handy remote to save you from having to get up from your desk, armchair, sofa or bed to manage. This excellent fan also includes 12 speeds, a timer and 3 fan moods to suit all of your varying preferences and needs.


The Nedis 16” pedestal fan is an affordable but effective choice and is ideal for using in the office. It is also useful to keep cool at home or to cool down specific rooms at home such as your bedroom, living room, home office or work space. This pedestal fan includes 3 speed options, adjustable height options, switch off timer, adjustable tilt head and a remote control for added convenience. All of these features at this price range is brilliant value for a cooling fan so order yours online today.


If you are looking for a handy portable desk fan then the Nedis 9” Oscillating 2 speed desk fan is ideal. This cooling fan includes 2 speed options, mesh grill, works quietly and is compact so you can store it away easily. The fact it is small and quiet makes it ideal for keeping you cool at your work desk, while you study or while you are busy with daily tasks at home. As long as you have a nearby main plus to power it on, you are ready to go.

All of these cooling fans are available to order on our online shop today while we also stock a range of the very popular Dyson fans and air purifiers for you to keep cool and avoid allergies all year round. Browse today and shop for the perfect cooling fan or air purifier for your needs today.

Our site also offers more information around delivery or to help you find your nearest Expert store for any urgent electrical shopping needs. 

14th Jul 2022

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