Zanussi 60cm Induction Hob | ZIAN644K

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Zanussi 60cm Induction Hob | ZIAN644K

  • Zanussi 60cm Induction Hob or ZIAN644K
  •  Zanussi 60cm Induction Hob | ZIAN644K
  •  Zanussi 60cm Induction Hob | ZIAN644K
  •  Zanussi 60cm Induction Hob | ZIAN644K
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Zanussi 60cm Induction Hob | ZIAN644K

Zanussi 60cm BoilAssist - The Series 60 BoilAssist hob looks after water on your behalf. When it detects rising bubbles in the pan, it will automatically adjust the temperature, reducing water to a safe, gentle simmer. Which means you can concentrate on the rest of your meal without distraction.

Boiling Water Kept Under Control, With Boil Sensor - When water is about to reach its boiling point, Boil Sensor will detect the rising bubbles and reduce the induction hob's temperature. So hot water never boils over.

Swipe For Temperature Control With Direct Touch - Direct Touch control is built for simplicity, letting you change each hob's temperature setting with your fingertip. Just slide it over the touch-sensitive panel.

No Overcooking With Timer Function - When the timer you've set runs out, the hob will automatically switch off the heat. It can be set to a maximum limit of 1.5 hours, which means that even if you're concentrating on a few different things at once, your meal will be ready when you are.

Key Features:

  • Wipe clean ceramic hob surface
  • 3 induction zones with 2 powerful boosters
  • Child safety control lock: To maximise kitchen safety, this lock can be activated to prevent the hob from being turned on accidentally.
  • 99 minute timer with accoustic signal
  • Easy to reach front controls
  • Dial: 2300/3700W/210mm
  • Rear - Power/Diameter: 1800/2800W/180mm
  • Right front - Power/Diameter: 1400/2500W/145mm
  • Right rear - Power/Diameter: 1800/2800W/180mm
  • Hobs Dimensions: 590x520
  • Aperture dimensions HxWxD in mm: 44x560x490
  • Radius cutting: 5
  • Led Colour: Red
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