YESOUL S3 Exercise Bike Black | 260217

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YESOUL S3 Exercise Bike Black | 260217

  •  YESOUL S3 Exercise Bike Black | 260217
  •  YESOUL S3 Exercise Bike Black | 260217
  •  YESOUL S3 Exercise Bike Black | 260217
  •  YESOUL S3 Exercise Bike Black | 260217
  •  YESOUL S3 Exercise Bike Black | 260217
  •  YESOUL S3 Exercise Bike Black | 260217
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YESOUL S3 Exercise Bike Black | 260217

The connected Xiaomi Yesoul S3 indoor cycling bike is a lightweight and domestic product of the latest generation that has a magnetic control system, connection available for Smartphone or Tablet and compatibility with different apps.

Magnetic and adjustable resistance

Now the user can live the most extensive and challenging runs from home, with up to 100 difficulty levels and magnetic control system.

Quiet Exercise

This model comes with a quiet drive belt without disturbing noises. The perfect silence for take physical potential to the highest level.

Perfectly cared details

We know that details make the difference. Our product comes with adjustable leather seat, anti-slip safety pedals and transport wheels.

Compatibility with different apps

This product can be connected to any cell phone via Bluetooth. It´s compatible with the official YESOUL app. The user will be able to choose for training options, live classes, route simulation and much more.

It´s also compatible with other applications such as Kinomap, an interactive training option used for cycling, running and indoor rowing.

At the same time, it´s compatible with other similar apps such as BKOOL, which is the most complete cycling simulator on the market. Or in the case of Swift, an app that customizes the bicycle.

And finally there is Wahoo, that makes more easy the way of pedaling.

The compatibility with the apps will help the user to calculate their distance traveled, see the percentage of resistance, burn calories and measure speed.

If the user wants to measure their heart rate, they will need to purchase the heart rate armband separately (compatible with Yesoul S3).

With latest generation flywheel

The flywheel is a basic element in any exercise bike, and is useful for generating the power/resistance and runs for the bike. The type of resistance is important for this operation.

The most basic bikes have a flywheel of approximately 20 kg, which makes them very heavy machines that are difficult to move. In addition, their resistance system is mechanical. This generates continuous problems and needs maintenance.

The Yesoul S3 is a lightweight exercise bike weighing only 31 kg. The combination of the 6.5 kg flywheel with the non-contact magnetic resistance system and the belt drive, makes the user experience the most optimal for home use.

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