Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro GL White | E71018172

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Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro GL White | E71018172

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Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro GL White | E71018172

Introducing the classic wrist watch design with a sophisticated look and a large screen with ultra-narrow bezel, a strap for every occasion, and the next-level smart watch experience.

Premium and simple
46mm-diameter watch size
1.47" large screen with ultra-narrow bezel

Looks and feels just right
The watch is simply exquisite with the narrowest bezel ever on Xiaomi watches* and larger display under the same dimensions. With improved brightness and contrast* for a more detailed display, this is the most advanced watch display produced by Xiaomi to date.

Featuring sapphire glass
Visibly refined and eye-catching
Sapphire glass is smooth and bright, bringing a sense of elegance to any occasion. It is also extremely resistant to scratches during daily wear.

The stainless steel watch body
Elegant and streamlined
The lugs are narrower and featured with a streamlined frame for a tighter fit around your wrist. After the multi-stage polishing process, the unique shining and smooth surface of the stainless steel emerges.

Sapphire glass,ceramic-like coating
Looks exquisite from every angle
The Sapphire crystal glass heart rate window is both harder and more scratch-resistant. The window is surrounded by a glossy ceramic-like coating back cover, which feels soft and comfortable to wear.

Screwless and unibody design
Simple and Complete
The delicate and extremely simple design of the screw-less back cover reduces porosity, so there is hardly any place for dirt. Clean it effortlessly with just a gentle wipe.

The premium studded smart crown
Smooth and purposeful rotation
Inspired by classic mechanical watches, the CNC crown is finely carved, making it highly distinctive. Experience new interactions by turning the crown gently and feel the detailed feedbacks from your watch because of the linear motor.

Browse the menu by gently rotating the crown.
*For this interface, we take an Android smartphone as an example. Interfaces displayed may vary depending on smartphones and systems

You can adjust the volume by rotating the crown up or down.
*Make sure to upgrade the firmware of your watch to the latest version. This feature can be supported by music control application of the system. Interfaces displayed may vary depending on smartphones and systems.

For sports lovers, we have one more option
The fluororubber strap is the preferred choice for exercising, with the specially designed track-shaped sweat-guiding channels for better sweat-wicking performance.

Multi-screen smart connecting
Smartphone settings such as quick pop-up window pairing, message notifications, do not disturb mode, and schedule, can be synchronized with your watch in no time.

Clearer calls through your watch
Bluetooth® calls completely free your hands. With the AI call noise reduction algorithm developed by Xiaomi, your voice can be heard clearly even in noisy environments.

Your personal health consultant and sports expert
High-frequency monitoring on your wrist for more comprehensive and advanced health management

Heart rate monitoring
Support heart rate monitoring throughout the day, sending out alerts when overly high or low heart rates are detected.

Sleep tracking
View your sleep quality for the week with a glance at your wrist watch.

Stress monitoring
In-depth stress monitoring throughout the day, recording details of your stress condition with reminders for you to relax so you can recover quicker

Blood oxygen monitoring
With more sophisticated detection technology applied, you can set your own blood oxygen threshold.The watch will send you warnings if it detects that your blood oxygen levels have fallen below the threshold for a certain period of time, acting as a guardian for your blood oxygen health.

100+ fitness modes
Choose whichever mode you like for exercising
Supports 100+ fitness modes such as running, cycling, mountaineering, triathlon, elliptical training and rowing. Professional fitness modes have been optimized for more accurate exercise monitoring.

10 built-in running courses
Your personal trainer available at any time
Running courses of different durations and intensities to achieve basic to advanced training goals with guidance on how to adjust your heart rate to ensure better training results

Precise 3D distance monitoring for mountaineering
Follow with your new record breaking heights
For sports with altitude changes such as mountaineering, the exercising algorithm for precise monitoring is adjusted and optimized to count every step you climb.

Professional experience Just as it should be
Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro Powerful chip, strong performance, Higher efficiency, lower power consumption
Featuring an advanced 12nm chip process technology and supported by Xiaomi's performance adjustment algorithm, the watch has managed to enhance its performance and lower its power consumption, prolonging the battery life and being compatible with MIUI Watch OS for smooth performance.

Powerful performance
Backed by extraordinarily long battery life
With Xiaomi's wireless fast charging* technology, enjoy up to 2 days of battery life* after being charged for 10 minutes. It can be fully charged in 85 minutes, with up to 14 days of battery life in typical usage mode.

5 ATM* waterproof rating Enhanced water resistance
Together with a fluororubber strap, you can wash your hands and swim without taking your watch off. The watch is more water resistant than you think.

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