Xiaomi Smart Laser Measure - Black | BHR5596GL

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Xiaomi Smart Laser Measure - Black | BHR5596GL

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Xiaomi Smart Laser Measure - Black | BHR5596GL

Xiaomi Smart Laser Measure
Easy measurement anytime and anywhere

Real time ranging to measure wherever you want
After a brief press to emit the laser, the length can be read in real time. The measure adoptes a precise and stable Class II laser*, which reaches the distance as close as 5cm and as far as 40m. Measure anything anytime.

Dual-emission with single receiver
Millimetre-level measurement precision
Equipped with a dual-emission single-receiving laser head. The complex procedures of Laser emission > Calibration > Data Display can be completed instantly. Data precision drops within ±3mm.

Quick measurement with one hand in different scenarios
From large areas like a new home or a warehouse, to the door and window sizes, you can tap to see the results on the measure immediately.

Expand the functions via the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app
By connecting a smartphone via Bluetooth, you can link the laser measure with Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app to realise more functions such as data synchronisation/remarks, length/area/volume calculation, floor plan mapping, map sharing, and effect viewing.

Floor plan with real-time mapping and surveying
You can draw the floor plan directly in Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app or draw and measure with photos. The measured data will be automatically marked to the selected line, and the app will intelligently adjust the line based on the data marked.

Remote control measurement with your smartphone
Your smartphone can be used as "a remote control for measuring distance" to remotely control the measure. It does a great help when the measure must be placed at a fixed point

Single button design
Easy to operate with one button only
It only has one control button. Long press 2 seconds to start, short press to measure, and double tap to switch the front and back benchmarks. The single-button design makes it easy for you.

High brightness LCD display
Clear and easy
With the high brightness LCD display, the current measurement data, historical measurement data, measurement benchmark, measurement unit, battery status, and Bluetooth connection status are clear at a glance.

Dual matte finish
Wear and scratch resistance
Lightweight aluminium alloy with high-strength engineering plastics create a delicate matte appearance. Delicate matte texture surface with comfortable touch

Wireless lithium battery
Type-C port for easy charging
Long-lasting battery life
370mAh high-capacity lithium battery for measuring 3000 sets of data at full charge. Type-C charging port can share charger cable with other electronic devices like smartphone.

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