Xiaomi Smart Blender UK | BHR5961GB

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Xiaomi Smart Blender UK | BHR5961GB

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Xiaomi Smart Blender UK | BHR5961GB

Making hot and cold drinks with only one machine.
• Mixing, juicing, hot and cold dual-mode blending and crushing ice for the whole family.
• Making up to 1200mL of hot or 1600mL of cold drinks at one time.

8 modes delicious treats for your choice
• Easily whipping up delicious treats like refreshing smoothies, fresh juices, and tasty soups.

Operating by rotating and pressing the OLED knob, with 2 touch buttons for ease of use
• Rotating the OLED knob to select the operating mode.
• The knob also functions as a display. Touching keys for schedule and cancel save you trouble with one-touch control

9-variable speed blending for delicate taste
• Speeds 1–3: Mix and liquefy for avocado, banana and yogurt etc.
• Speeds 4–6: Blend soft foods for fresh fruit and vegetable juices etc.
• Speeds 7–9: Medium to hard foods for peanut butter, ice fruit juice etc.

Xiaomi Home app smart remote controlling
• Xiaomi Home app could help you schedule or start blending remotely, and sending recipes to the cloud and unlock a world of nutritious and delicious treats.

8 stainless steel blades provide multi-angle chopping and thorough blending
• The thick, sharp, serrated stainless steel blades provide multi-angle chopping to blend even the toughest ingredients with ease

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