Xiaomi Mi 27" Desktop Monitor - Black | BHR4977HK

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Xiaomi Mi 27" Desktop Monitor - Black | BHR4977HK

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Xiaomi Mi 27" Desktop Monitor - Black | BHR4977HK

Xiaomi Mi Desktop Monitor 27"
IPS high-resolution display with eye protection, for an all new working experience

1080P full HD resolution*
Professional HD image quality for crystal clarity
The 1920×1080 full HD resolution is incredibly detailed and perfect for work or entertainment. It also comes with 100% sRGB wide color gamut* for a clearer, more vivid viewing experience.

Protects your eyes with low blue light*
Comfortable viewing for hours on end
The Mi Desktop Monitor 27'' has a built-in low blue light mode so users won't experience eye fatigue even after long periods of use. Improved eye protection and comfortable to use both for work and entertainment.

178° wide viewing angle*
Clear images regardless of viewing angle
Colors are even clearer with the outstanding IPS hard screen, which offers higher light transmittance and a visible viewing angle up to 178°. HD image quality no matter the viewing angle whether you are in front of the monitor or at a skewed angle.

Narrow bezel design for a wider view
Increase immersion with multiple monitors
The Mi Desktop Monitor 27'' features a unique thin bezel design on three side, greatly improving viewing angles and offering an enhanced, more immersive experience. When multiple Mi Desktop Monitor 27" screens are used together, the viewing experience is even more impressive.

Simple, sleek design
7.5mm thin body*, perfect for any desk
The back of the monitor has a simple, flat design with no unnecessary protrusions. At it's thinnest part, the monitor is only 7.5mm thick. Simple shape and design for a neat setup.

Adjustable angles
Comfortable use from any sitting position.

Multifunctional button
One button for power on/off and up/down/left/right selection, all under your control.

Multiple ports

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