Xiaomi Electric Scooter Storage Bag | BHR6750GL

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Xiaomi Electric Scooter Storage Bag | BHR6750GL

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Xiaomi Electric Scooter Storage Bag | BHR6750GL

Xiaomi Electric Scooter Storage Bag
Easy storage for all your items

One-piece hard case
Drop protection, shock absorption and deformation resistance
Made of three layers of composite material, the bag body is pressed into a stylish, fashionable form. In case of collisions or bumps, the EVA layer can effectively absorb external impacts and protect items in the bag.

• Textured PU material on the outside
• Impact-resistant EVA material in the middle
• Skin-friendly fabric on the inside

Multi-compartment design
Scientifically divided compartments for easy storage
The bag can hold a scooter charger, a power bank, a smartphone, a pair of sunglasses, a wallet and a set of keys at the same time.

The best storage choice for rides
Suitable for multiple models
The hook-and-loop fastener can be cut to adjust the hanging position of the bag to suit the size of different vehicles.

Hook-and-loop fastener
Adjustable length, easy installation and removal
Four hook-and-loop fasteners secure the bag to the handlebars and the head tube. You can manually apply the fasteners, easy and time-saving.

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