Xiaomi Electric Scooter Riding Gloves L - Black | BHR6749GL

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Xiaomi Electric Scooter Riding Gloves L - Black | BHR6749GL

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Xiaomi Electric Scooter Riding Gloves L - Black | BHR6749GL

Xiaomi Electric Scooter Riding Gloves
Multi-purpose windproof, insulated gloves that work with touchscreens

Windproof and warm*
A perfect match for autumns and winters
Windproof on the outside and insulated on the inside, keeping you warm and protecting your from the cold.

Touchscreen-friendly design*
Agile actions, convenient and time-saving
You can use your thumb and index finger to easily interact with touchscreens of electronic devices, without having to taking off the gloves.

Grade 4 water-repellent material*
No more worries on rainy or snowy days
The gloves can withstand rains and snows temporarily and keep the inside dry and comfortable.

Durable silicone coating
Safe, anti-slip and flexible
The palm area and parts of the finger area are covered with a silicone coating layer that adds to friction, offering anti-slip grips and safer rides.

More than just riding
Suitable for various outdoor scenarios
The gloves are suitable for outdoor activities, such as hiking, skiing and climbing.

Flexible strap
Elastic strap, easy to take on and off

Nylon laminated zip
Smooth and water tight*

Storage clips
Easy to tie up and store away

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