Xiaomi Buds 3 (Carbon Black) | BHR5527GL

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Xiaomi Buds 3 (Carbon Black) | BHR5527GL

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Xiaomi Buds 3 (Carbon Black) | BHR5527GL

Flagship-level hybrid noise cancellation
Filters out ambient noises for you
Superior Active Noise Cancellation experience is a must. Feedback, feed-forward and talk microphones collaborate to provide steady noise cancellation in all scenarios.

Removes up to 40dB unwanted noise
Allows you to enjoy a quiet world
Broadband active noise cancellation Noise cancelling depth of up to 40dB*. Either in a noisy outdoor environment or inside an underground train, you can stay in your own world without interferences*.

3 modes available for noise cancellation
Meet your specific noise cancellation demands
Select the proper mode in response to different degrees of ambient noises to prevent excessive ear pressure and make your noise cancellation experience more comfortable.

Triple-microphone environmental noise cancellation for clear calls
Layered voice filtering, Clearer call experience
Feedback, feed-forward and talk microphones work together to accurately cancel ambient noises and retain voices with the assistance of call noise cancellation algorithm enabled through the neural network model. This allows for clear conversations even in noisy environments.

Dual transparency modes
Talk freely while wearing earbuds
In transparency mode, listen to music while still hearing ambient sounds. Switch to enhance voice mode* for relaxed conversations even with your earbuds on.

HiFi sound quality
Takes your listening experience to a whole new level
Outstanding sound quality in spite of focusing on noise cancellation.
With the sophisticated dual-magnet dynamic driver, every component can pass the rigorous test; in addition, with the Xiaomi HRTF professional tuning curve, sounds can be restored to their original states.

Every detail is faithfully reproduced
Highly rigid diaphragm
reduces high-frequency breakup vibration. High tones are layered, crisp and clear.

Japanese Daikoku CCAW coilcovers high, medium and low-frequencies.
Coil is ultra-light and highly responsive.

N52 dual magnets
are super magnetic and highly dynamic, reducing distortion rate of earbuds.

Separate back cavity
naturally creates an area without interferences, and guarantees the sensitivity of the dynamic driver unit.

Large metal mesh vent
flexibly adjusts the air pressure inside the cavity,reducing the loss from vibration of the dynamic driver unit.

HRTF professional tuning
Restores to studio-level sound quality, As if you are personally on the scene

Moderate bass tones
Give you a natural low-frequency experience, both bass-rich and immersive.

Clear high tones
More detail is preserved at higher frequencies, while smoothing the sibilance to improve transparency, to ensure great music and beautiful sound.

Flagship-level experiences
We attend to every detail, taking everything into consideration.
More close-fitting wearing experience, longer battery life, smarter dual-device connections.
Under any scenarios, it provides an optimal user experience for you.

Lightweight, stable, close-fitting
You feel comfortable after wearing for long hours
4.6 g lightweight body, multi-point refined design. The optimised structure with overlapping gravity centres precisely forms a stable triangle around the tragus, antitragus and auricular concha.
This provides you with more comfortable in-ear experience.

IP55 dust and water resistance* A good choice for you during workouts

Pinch control
Your commands can always be responded
Pinching like on a physical button can effectively prevent accidental operation or delay. Once pinched, you can get accurate response to easily switch modes, pause the music or select other functions.

Ultra-long battery life + wireless charging
Make music a greater part of your life
Up to 32 hours* of playback time when used in conjunction with the charging case. The charging case supports the Qi* wireless charging protocol, compatible with various charging devices.

Up to 7 hours Battery life with single recharge (with ANC off)
Up to 32 hours Used in conjunction with charging case (with ANC off)*
* Earbud battery life data from internal test carried out by the manufacturer. Actual data may vary depending on volume and surroundings. Refer to footnotes for details.
*The wireless charging base shown in the image is not included in the package and must be purchased separately.

Easily customise your earbuds
Download the Xiaomi Earbuds App to adjust the noise cancellation and gesture settings for your Xiaomi Buds 3 wireless earbuds. You're in control — adjust settings for optimal audio and install online firmware upgrades.
There are even more features for you to discover.

Fast pairing
MIUI Pop-up for Quick Pairing*
All you need to do to pair up is open the charging case near the smartphone and tap on the screen after the pop-up window appears.

Dual-device connectivity*
Simultaneous connection with two devices
The same set of earbuds can be connected to two devices crossing platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows simultaneously,
namely, you can stop and switch to a call while watching videos on a tablet or computer, which allows you to easily shift between entertainment and work.

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