Whirlpool W11 6th Sense Live Single Wifi Oven | W11I OM1 4MS2 H

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Whirlpool W11 6th Sense Live Single Wifi Oven | W11I OM1 4MS2 H

  • Whirlpool W11 6th Sense Live Single Wifi Oven or W11I OM1 4MS2 H
  • Whirlpool W11 6th Sense Live Single Wifi Oven or W11I OM1 4MS2 H
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Whirlpool W11 6th Sense Live Single Wifi Oven

This Award winning W Collection Whirlpool 73Litre Single Oven with MySmartDisplay Colour Touch screen and Wi-Fi control via 6th Sense live App provides the right info at the right time with easy step-by-step suggestions. The display memorizes the user's routine and make it easy achieve perfect meals. When you connect with the 6TH SENSE LiveApp, you become the true centre of your home and have the freedom to plan meals, follow recipes, explore new Styles of cooking, and even watch video how to guides.


Multiple cooking methods.
The Multifunction 8 feature offers flexible cooking options, to ensure perfect results, whatever the recipe.


No more guesswork. Simply pick your recipes, and let 6th SENSE cook them to perfection, every time. Up to 100 cooking combinations organized to fit your lifestyle and diet, for a full assisted cooking experience.


No pre-heating required.
The Ready2Cook function uses a powerful convection system to quickly reach the right temperature, and completely eliminate the need for pre-heating.


The Cook4 function provides a unique level of flexibility that enables consumers to cook up to four dishes at the same time without mixing any of the flavours or aromas.


The MultisenseProbe monitors the temperature of the food in four points to ensure complete temperature control inside and out. The Whirpool MultisenseProbe takes the mystery out of meal preparation and the probe helps to ensure perfectly cooked dishes.


Set the required temperature and insert the Meat Probe into your food. The oven will tell you when your dish is ready to be enjoyed.


6TH SENSE technology automatically adjusts time, temperature, and humidity settings to ensure perfect results time after time. With the 6TH SENSE sensors and an exciting choice of exclusive options, consumers can whip up the perfect meal while enjoying an unparalleled intuitive experience.


Effortless, eco-friendly cleaning.
The innovative SmartClean technology cleans your oven thoroughly and efficiently in just 30 minutes, without the use of detergents. Simply add 200cc of water to the oven cavity, run the SmartClean cycle, then wipe with a dry cloth.


A Masterpiece of Design. Whirlpool understands the importance of craftsmanship and carefully honed details. The timeless design of the W Collection complements any style of kitchen, while the matching appliances blend seamlessly with each other to create a sublimely eye-catching coordinated look. Even the gleaming finishes are engineered for easy cleaning, so fingerprints and smudges become a thing of the past. From the platinum chromed logo to the tinted glass and sophisticated edge-to-edge metal band, every detail has been designed to delight and enhance the overall Whirlpool experience.


Electronic temperature control.


An intuitive, uncluttered, and easy-to-read interface that assists consumers to help them to become better, more inspired cooks. By simply choosing one of the many Cooking Combinations, MySmartDisplay guides consumers through each and every step from start to lip-smacking finish in real time.

Key Features:

  • IF 2020 Design Award Winner
  • W Collection
  • Wi-Fi
  • Colour Touchscreen
  • Oven Black glass w/ Flush steel handle
  • Steam Self Cleaning
  • 100+ assisted recipes
  • 73L Oven Flush Handle
  • MultiSense Probe
  • 6th Sense live app Soft Closing
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