TP-LINK DECOM5 3pk Mesh Home Wi-Fi System

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TP-LINK DECOM5 3pk Mesh Home Wi-Fi System

  • TP-Link TP-LINK DECOM5 3pk Mesh Home Wi-Fi System
  • TP-Link TP-LINK DECOM5 3pk Mesh Home Wi-Fi System
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TP-LINK DECOM5 3pk Mesh Home Wi-Fi System

STRONGER WIFI.MORE DEVICES. - Deco provides better coverage and stronger signal than routers and range extenders. That's because each unit is a powerful router with a quad-core CPU and four antennas.With multiple units working together seamlessly, a Deco system can connect more devices than a traditional router, supporting a mix of 100-plus smart home and WiFi devices.

ONE NAME, ONE PASSWORD - All you need is one WiFi name and password for your entire Deco network. Walk around your home and stream music or video chat with friends as Deco automatically and intelligently keeps you connected. Adaptive RoutingDeco adapts as your WiFi needs change. Complex algorithms work behind the scenes to automatically and efficiently route data along the fastest path. Self-HealingBecause Deco is a mesh system, it can use any route between the units to connect you to the internet. So, even if one of your Deco units loses power or is disrupted, Deco will adapt and reroute your traffic to keep you streaming and gaming.

A MORE SECURE WIFI SYSTEM - Deco M5 protects your personal data and every connected device from online threats like viruses and malware. The system also makes it easy to customize WiFi access for guests and family. Advanced WPA2 Security Antivirus Powered by Home Care Robust FamilyWiFi Controls

WIFI MADE EASY - Hands-Off WiFi Deco M5 adjusts automatically to give you the best connections when you add devices or walk around the house.

App-Based Setup - Set up in minutes through the Deco app, and never fear Deco M5 works with any modem or ISP.

Voice Control - When paired with Alexa, you can control Deco M5 with simple voice commands.

Easy Management - In just a few taps, monitor and manage your WiFi settings at home or away with the Deco app. 

Hardware Security - Deco only gets better and more secure with automatic firmware updates, and its firewall only allows approved packets onto your devices.

Advanced Encryption - Deco automatically encrypts every wireless connection using WPA2-PSK, whether it's between each Deco unit or between Deco units and your WiFi devices.

Real-Time Antivirus - Deco automatically protects every device from viruses, malware, ransomware. That includes devices that don't normally have protection, like WiFi cameras and smart locks.

Content Filtering - Create profiles and filter content using preset or customized lists while Deco automatically blocks malicious websites using a continuously updated database.

SIMPLE MANAGEMENT - Deco makes it easy to manage your WiFi from anywhere, whether you're on the couch or at work.

Check In While Away - Check your WiFi while away to make sure smart devices like lights, thermostats and security cameras are online and running.

Remote Management - Adjust parental controls and other WiFi settings and provide access to family members so they can help, too.

Simple Updates - Receive notifications when updates are ready and choose the best time to install them to prevent interrupting your WiFi.

Create Family Profiles - Create profiles and keep your family safe with content filters. View a list of visited sites, block the inappropriate ones and set internet time limits.

Set Bandwidth Priorities - Prioritize the devices and activities most important to you with simple bandwidth control settings. Pause the InternetCall a timeout on the WiFi during dinner and family game nights. Just tap a button to pause the internet for everyone in your home.

Keep Internet Fast - Run a speed test to ensure you're getting what you're paying for. See every device on your network plus how much bandwidth they're using.

Share WiFi with Friends - Set up separate WiFi for guests and share the password to make it easier for them to hop online.

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