Tefal Unlimited Non-stick Induction Frying pan 22cm | G2550353

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Tefal Unlimited Non-stick Induction Frying pan 22cm | G2550353

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TEFAL Unlimited Non-stick Induction Frypan 22cm

The UK’s most durable non-stick* pan with new 6 times stronger titanium anti-scratch tech. It’s our longest-lasting, strongest, safest non-stick frying pan ever. Durably made with advanced design and smart innovations for better results in the kitchen. The non-stick on this pan is so strong and durable you can even use metal utensils** without a worry and bung it in the dishwasher time after time without a care. It has plenty of clever innovations to help you up your game in the kitchen too.

The newly designed THERMO-SIGNAL clearly indicates when the pan is at the right temp for the perfect sear. So you can lock in those flavours and get a great looking steak no trouble. On top of that the Thermo-Fusion construction distributes heat evenly across the pan and up the sides. Every portion gets cooked the same and there are no hotspots that cause annoying, burnt patches. It’s the perfect partner for awesome cooking.  

*Among non-stick aluminium pans v. top 10 competitors’ best-sellers, in volumes, based on abrasion test, independent data 2018.  **Except whisks and utensils with sharp edge.

Long Lasting - Never lose that non-stick performance with our 6 times stronger titanium anti-scratch layer. Safe Coating 100% SAFE: PFOA, lead and cadmium-free pan – suitable for all hob types, including induction. 

Perfect Searing - THERMO-SIGNAL™ technology indicates the ideal starting cooking temperature to guarantee perfect texture, colour and taste for delicious full-flavored meals.

Hob compatibility - All hobs + induction  Compatible with all stovetops, including induction (gas, electric, ceramic, induction), for total versatility.

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