TCL T10 Pro T799H-2ALCGB12

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TCL T10 Pro T799H-2ALCGB12

  • TCL T10 Pro T799H-2ALCGB12
  • TCL T10 Pro T799H-2ALCGB12
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TCL T10 Pro T799H-2ALCGB12

Display Greatness With Unparalleled Visual Power - Immerse yourself with an FHD+ curved AMOLED display, and capture moments-day or night-using an exceptional 64MP AI quad-camera system.

Transform Your Media - A dedicated display engine with NXTVISION technology brings every nuance to life for an elevated viewing and creation experience. Brilliant Color, Clarity And Contrast Real-time HDR enhancement remasters video with richer shades, brighter white, and deeper blacks.

Elevated Viewing Experience - Enjoy beautiful image and video quality with a 6.47-inch FHD + NXTVISION curved AMOLED display.

Striking Hdr10 Video With Netflix Certification - View video in amazing contrast and color with a Netflix-certified display.

Comfortable Viewing - Adaptive Tone and Reading Mode auto-adjusts your display to suit any environment for easier viewing. Eye Comfort Mode reduces harmful blue light by 72.55%, protecting your vision¬ and sleep cycle.

Capture Greatness - Enjoy video at its richest with HDR enhancement. Create stunning photos with a NXTVISION 64MP quad-camera system and an AI algorithm that automatically adjusts exposure and color for effortlessly perfect shots.

Unrivaled Detail - Savor every detail with a 64MP Ultra High-Resolution Camera.

Vivid Low-Light - Record clear action even at night with a 2.9 m Low-Light Camera.

Phenomenal Distances - Take in epically large scenes with a 16MP Super Wide-Angle Camera.

Brighter Night Video - Equipped with pixels that are 2x larger, the 2.9m low-light camera helps you shoot professional-quality video with real-time zoom, subject tracking and stabilization for shake-free footage.

Super Slo-Mo Video - 960 FPS gives your slow-motion more gravitas with excellent clarity and color, day or night.

Exceptional Detail - Capture breathtaking images with an Ultra High-Resolution 64MP camera. 9280 x 6944 pixels 1/1.7 inch image sensor.

Instantly Focused - Quickly capture high-resolution photos day or night with hybrid autofocus.

Brighter Self-Portraits - Create brighter self-portraits with 4-in-1 big pixel technology that provides twice the light.

Finer Details - Macro camera lets you get up to 2 cm away from your subject for phenomenally detailed close-ups.

Product Features:

  • HD Voice Google lens
  • Google assistant
  • Light trace mode
  • Super wide-angle
  • In-recording snapshots
  • Translucent TPU case
  • Stop-motion video mode
  • TCL UI Android 10 operating system
  • Dual with noise cancellation
  • Microphone 18 hrs. (4G); 28 hrs. (3G); 20 hrs. (2G) talk time
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