Skullcandy Cassette Junior Wired Headphones Blue | S5CSY-N712

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Skullcandy Cassette Junior Wired Headphones Blue | S5CSY-N712

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Skullcandy Cassette Junior Wired Headphones Blue | S5CSY-N712

Most sound-limiting headphones aren’t exactly engineered to deliver a great sound experience. Not true for Cassette™️ Junior. We apply the same premium sound engineering, testing and quality standards to Cassette™️ Junior as all Skullcandy headphones. Then we simply limit the volume to prevent over-exposure to higher sound levels.

Everything about Cassette™️ Junior has been designed for hassle-free, ease-of-use. With a simple wired cable, there’s no worries about pairing or lost connections. They’re perfect for listening to music, movies, online education and everything in between.

Cassette™️ Junior features an easy microphone for interacting with online games and video calls.

With a rugged, innovative hinge design, Cassette™️ Junior quickly and easily collapses down to go anywhere you go.

With soft ear cushions and a lightweight headband, Cassette™️ Junior is designed for comfort. Perfect for those long flights or car rides.

  • Volume Limited to 85 db
  • Premium Sound
  • Comfortable Ear Cushions
  • Microphone
  • Collapsible Design
  • 3.5mm Audio Jack
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