Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 512GB Green | SM-S918BZGHEUB

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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 512GB Green | SM-S918BZGHEUB

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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 512GB Green | SM-S918BZGHEUB

More innovation, more mindful
Our striking symmetrical design returns with one major difference: it includes some recycled materials. From repurposed glass to the colour of the polished metal frame, beauty is second nature in this form.

Mindfully designed
The Galaxy S23 Ultra uses conscious materials. Recycled glass and PET film accent the phone's exterior, and the box is even made from recycled paper.

• Recycled Glass
• Recycled Pet Film
• Recycled Glass
• Recycled Ocean-Bound Plastic | S Pen Inner Cover

Note's signature tool comes built in
S Pen keeps the legacy of Note alive. Plus, it helps you ditch the dependency on notebooks, making sketches and memos effortless.

Epically equipped
We've packed Galaxy's biggest sensor, light-absorbing pixels and video stabilisation technology into one Pro-grade Camera, all resulting in the ultimate question: ”Can you send me that?”

• 12MP Selfie Camera
• 12MP Ultra Wide Camera
• 200MP Wide-angle Camera
• 10MP 10x Optical Zoom Telephoto Camera 1
• 10MP 3x Optical Zoom Telephoto Camera 2

Low light. Camera. Action
Take crisp photos and videos, from dusk until dawn. Galaxy's most advanced camera sensor and fastest processor accommodate low light and reduce noise. The camera lens even clears up the capture by toning down flare.

Depth and dimension is where this Pro-grade Camera delivers. Gently blur the background to put your friends in focus and let DSLR-level details shine.

Hit record to capture clear, smooth scenes packed with detail, even if they're backlit. It's Galaxy's most stable video in low light with superior OIS and
noise-reducing tech keeping your scenes cinematic.

Transform a starry sky into a work of art. Turn on Hyperlapse to record the night sky with bright clarity, then speed it up in post to show minutes of footage in stunning seconds.

200MP. Incredible resolution
We nearly doubled the resolution on the
Wide-angle Camera from the Galaxy S22 Ultra, to deliver a clarity never before seen on Galaxy. Zoom and crop for a whole new shot without hitting the shutter — or leave it intact for brilliant detail, corner to corner.

Working behind the scenes of every shot is an
all-new adaptive pixel sensor for a gallery of vibrant, crisp 200-megapixel photos in any light.

Raw power, from snap to edit
Switch into Expert RAW to finesse in greater detail.3 Snap in 50MP for detailed, dynamic frames, or expand your repertoire with astrophoto, multiple exposure and other exposure features.

Grab more detail, even in the dark. Set exposure manually or let the camera choose, then point it skyward to capture planets and constellations with clarity.

Capture up to nine frames back to back, then bring them together to create a multiple exposure work of art. Or go manual to take your time between shots with a preview of how your layered masterpiece will blend.

Power for those who don't pause
Maximise your free time with the most powerful chip on a Galaxy smartphone. Improved features across the board means everything from gaming to streaming is optimised and seamless — without draining the battery.

Powerful Snapdragon Processor
Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform for Galaxy

Bring on the boss battles
Meet the long-lasting battery made to fuel your victories. This intelligent 5000mAh (typical) battery saves power for go time, so you can game and stream into the night.

A brighter future in sight
Dynamic AMOLED 2X delivers clear, colourful details onscreen, whether dimmed down low or full-blast brightness. Plus, 120Hz technology intelligently optimises the refresh rate to smooth out action and save on battery.

Do more with every pen stroke
Any pen can write words, but S Pen helps you capture them. Highlight event info from a poster or video, then simply tap to save the date straight into your calendar.

We made keeping your data easy
In just a simple Wi-Fi transfer or quick log in to your Samsung Account, you're all set. In even fewer steps, carry over your apps, photos, messages and more from any OS to your new phone.

Multi-tasking meets Multi control
Start on your phone and move as your ideas grow. With continuity across Galaxy devices, you can stick to a single mouse, keyboard or touchpad to drop text and images to your PC easily, then go back to your phone when it's time to run.

Your Galaxy, the way you like it
Now it's easier than ever to set your phone up just for you. One UI maximises customisation, allow

Wellness done your way
Begin your journey toward your personal health goals with Galaxy Watch5 and your S23 Ultra. Track sleep, exercise and more in Samsung you to pick almost every detail, from lock screens and themes to widgets and notifications.

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