Rangemaster CLAS100DFFBL/C, Classic 100, Range Cooker | CLA100DFFBL/C

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Rangemaster CLAS100DFFBL/C, Classic 100, Range Cooker | CLA100DFFBL/C

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Rangemaster CLAS100DFFBL/C, Classic 100, Range Cooker | CLA100DFFBL/C

Elevate Your Kitchen with a Rangemaster Range Cooker: Where Tradition Meets Versatility


Whether your style leans towards traditional elegance or contemporary minimalism, a Rangemaster range cooker is the perfect centerpiece for your kitchen. Designed with distinction, efficiency, and remarkable versatility, every Rangemaster cooker is crafted to transform cooking from a chore into a delightful experience.


Experience the timeless allure of the Classic range, featuring bevelled doors, elegant windows, and a convenient towel rail. This range cooker embodies the essence of traditional design while offering all the modern functionalities you desire.


Delve into the rich heritage of Rangemaster, proudly producing exceptional cookers in Leamington Spa since 1830. The very first range cooker, the Kitchener, was invented and built on the same site as our current factory, revolutionizing the way people cooked. With Rangemaster, you become part of a culinary legacy.


Indulge in the versatility of a dual fuel hob, the most popular choice among cooking enthusiasts. Experience the instant responsiveness of a gas hob combined with the flexibility and even heat distribution of an electric oven. With 79 litres of capacity, you'll have ample space to unleash your culinary creativity.


Discover the convenience of a robust cast aluminium griddle plate that snugly sits atop the gas hob. Featuring both grooved and flat surfaces, this griddle offers the optimal choice of cooking styles, allowing you to sear, grill, and sauté with precision.


Step into a world of exceptional oven performance. The main fan oven, with a generous capacity of 73 litres, utilizes a forced air system to evenly distribute heat, enabling multi-level cooking. The Classic 100cm model goes even further by offering a second fan oven with a massive 82 litres of capacity. Both ovens are rated 'A' for optimal efficiency and performance.


Experience the freedom of a programmable main fan oven, allowing you to start and finish cooking a dish at your convenience, even when you're away from the kitchen. Embrace the flexibility and control this feature brings to your culinary adventures.


Enjoy the convenience of a separate grill cavity, making grilling a breeze. Easily prepare succulent meats, melt cheese to perfection, or create mouthwatering grill marks on your favorite dishes.


Embrace the quality, craftsmanship, and versatility of a Rangemaster range cooker. It will become the heart of your kitchen, empowering you to create extraordinary meals and unforgettable moments with your loved ones.

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