Philips PicoPix Nano DLP Mobile Black Projector | 224-PPX120/INT

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Philips PicoPix Nano DLP Mobile Black Projector | 224-PPX120/INT

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Philips PicoPix Nano DLP Mobile Black Projector

Pico size. Mobile experience - Meet the PicoPix Nano, the tiniest plug-and-play projector featuring wireless connection and multi Media Player. Ideal for ultra-nomads, the PicoPix Nano is equipped with a battery to project up to 80 mins of your sporting feats.

Fully Connected (USB via micro USB adapter or MicroSD) - Play all your videos, pictures and audio files from the MicroSD or USB port. Charge your projector at the same time thanks to the dedicated USB cable.

Built-in 80 mins of battery life for cable-free projection - Get entertainment on the go with the built-in battery providing up to 80 mins of projection.

Entertainment on the go - Take it from room to room or to your friends.

Pocket Friendly - A palm-size projector always in your pocket or bag, catering for on-the-go travellers and wilderness addicts. Throw huge images on any walls, ceilings, the ground and even on your tent!

Advanced LED Light Source - The powerful LED light source displays rich, vivid colours and will last up to 30,000 hours. You won't need to replace it; it lasts 20 years if used 4 h per day! In addition, the power consumption is far lower than a regular lamp-based projector: a bigger screen and an immersive experience with an eco-friendly device!

Focus adjustment for clear images - Place your projector at any distance and adjust the focus to fine-tune images to your needs.

Project images up to 60" - Project images and videos up to 150 cm (60") from less than 2 metres from the wall.

Built-in speaker for captivating sound - No need for extra sound systems; the built-in speaker provides the performance you need in a small package.

Built-in Media Player for unlimited binge watching - Pop your essentials in your hand with the integrated Media Player: Browse, watch all of your videos, listen to your music or share your latest holiday pictures.

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