Philips NeoPix Ultra 2Plus Projector (streaming dongle included) | 224-NPX645/INT

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Philips NeoPix Ultra 2Plus Projector (streaming dongle included) | 224-NPX645/INT

  •  Philips NeoPix Ultra 2Plus Projector (streaming dongle included) | 224-NPX645/INT
  •  Philips NeoPix Ultra 2Plus Projector (streaming dongle included) | 224-NPX645/INT
  •  Philips NeoPix Ultra 2Plus Projector (streaming dongle included) | 224-NPX645/INT
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Philips NeoPix Ultra 2Plus Projector (streaming dongle included) | 224-NPX645/INT

Advanced LED Light Source

The powerful LED light source displays rich, vivid colours and will last up to 30,000 hours. You won't need to replace it as it lasts 20 years with an average usage of 4 hours per day! Additionally, the power consumption is far lower than a regular lamp-based projector, which means you benefit from a bigger screen and fully immersive experience, all through an eco-friendly device!

Android TV Experience

Your Philips Android TV Projector gives you the content you want when you want it. You can customise the home screen to display your favourite apps, making it effortless to start streaming the films and shows you love or pick up where you left off. Our OSD has a new intuitive UI design, which makes it a breeze to navigate and find your way around. Powered by the fastest AMLOGIC CPU, it provides a smooth, best in class Android TV experience.

Bluetooth Connectivity

With the built-in Bluetooth functionality, you can easily connect wireless speakers directly to the Android TV dongle for better sound. Have a mouse, keyboard or other remote controls too? No worries, you can connect any of those accessories to control the Android TV or play games with an external Bluetooth Gamepad.

ChromeCast Built-in

Chromecast built-in is a piece of technology that allows you to stream your favourite entertainment and apps from your phone, tablet or laptop right to your TV or speakers. Your phone acts as a simple, powerful remote. Just open the mobile apps you already know and love to quickly access your TV shows and playlists. No new logins or downloads required. You can use your phone to search, browse, queue and control the projector from anywhere in the home, and keep using it without disrupting what's playing or draining your battery.

Customise your projection

Place the product wherever you want! The keystone correction combined with the focus technology allow you to fine-tune images to your needs and place your projector at any distance.

Multiple Connections

Connect all your favourite devices via HDMI (like smartphone, tablet, laptop, gaming console), and play all your videos, pictures and audio files from a USB thanks to the built-in multimedia player. There is also a 2 x HDMI, USB and Jack 3 5 to connect external speakers. The additional Wi-Fi MIMO Dual Band technology reduces buffering and is ideal for online gaming or watching Full HD films.

OK Google Ready

Want to play a game, watch Netflix or find content and apps in the Google Play store? Just tell your projector. You can even command all Google Assistant-compatible smart home devices, like dimming the lights and setting the thermostat on film night.

Quality stereo speakers

Built-in Hi-Fi stereo speakers with equalizer and surround sound.

True Full HD 1080p

The NeoPix Ultra 2+ delivers True 1080 p Full HD to watch all your favourite films, TV shows and play games on a 65" projector with best-in-class resolution. The short throw engine helps to reduce the projection distance to get an even bigger picture when it's only 2 metres away from the wall. Have a ceiling mount too? No worries, the Ultra 2+ has a tripod screw to fix it wherever you need. Additionally, you can connect the NeoPix to your Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 or any console to get 65" of gaming action thanks to the low 5 ms input lag and 60 Hz refresh rate.

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