NOKIA 5310 TA-1212 DS GB

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NOKIA 5310 TA-1212 DS GB

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Nokia 5310 DS TA-1212

Return of a classic - Easy to use buttons - Updated look - 2.4" QVGA screen - Flashlight - VGA camera - Two natural speakers - FM radio - MP3 music - Exclusive music buttons - Long battery life - Up to 20 hours of battery life

The classic Nokia model is finally back. We know you love mobile phones like they used to be - easy-to-use phones designed to makecalls and enjoy the most amazing music. The newNokia 5310 DS TA-1212is one of the best phones you'll find today if you want to enjoy your favourite music and make calls in all situations. This iconic model is backand it is specially designed to give you everything you want - a unique model!

Read on and you'll love it. This iconic model is back in an improved version - One of the best phones of all time is back. And it does so in an incredible way. The newNokia 5310 DS TA-1212 is designed for you, who love being able to enjoy the best music in all situations. Witheasy-to-use buttons on the side of the screen without any frames, it's one of the best models you'll find. It is one of the most spectacular classic phones with its updated look- a great model!

2.4" QVGA display for high quality - One of the best models you're going to find right now. It features aspectacular screens, a2.4" QVGA screenthat will give you everything you need right now. One of the best models you will find right now. With a great finish, aVGA rear camera, and itsLED light that you can use both to take pictures and as a flashlight.

You will enjoy your music - This is one of the best models available, designed so you can listen to your favorite music in all situations. So, this new Nokia terminal supports MP3 music and you can use it to enjoy your favourite programs thanks to its FM radio. To help you enjoy the best music, it has exclusive music buttons and two powerful front speakers. A spectacular model.

Long battery life - With its high quality and long lasting battery, this model is designed to give you the highest quality of use for a very long time. Withup to 20 hours of battery life, it is one of the must-have models of the moment.

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