Ninja Foodi Zerostick 20cm Frying Pan | C30020UK

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Ninja Foodi Zerostick 20cm Frying Pan | C30020UK

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Ninja Foodi Zerostick 20cm Frying Pan

Ninja Foodi ZEROSTICK Cookware – the non-stick that lasts! Exclusive to Ninja, ZEROSTICK combines plasma ceramic bonding with a unique non-stick coating, meaning every pan stays flake and peel free. Dishwasher safe, scratch resistant and metal utensil safe. Oven safe up to 260°C. Suitable for all hob types, including induction. Easily sear, sauté, caramelise and pan-fry to perfection with this 20cm Frying Pan. Covered by our 10-year guarantee, including the non-stick coating*. *Upon registration with Ninja. When used as directed in the use and care guide. Cookware and lids are oven and grill safe to 260°C. If using cookware in an oven at temperatures between 200°C and 260°C, do not leave lids in oven for longer than 30 minutes. Allow to cool completely before washing - never immerse a hot pan in cold water, as this many lead to irreparable warping. Hang pans on a rack or store flat in a single layer in a cupboard. If stacking or nesting cookware, gently nest the smaller pans in the larger ones. Using a paper towel or soft cloth in between pans can help protect the cooking surfaces when stacking.

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