Neff N50 Built-In Electric Double Oven - Black | U1ACE2HN0B

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Neff N50 Built-In Electric Double Oven - Black | U1ACE2HN0B


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Neff N50 Built-In Electric Double Oven

Easy Clean - With Easy Clean, we make it easier for you to make your oven shine. Use Easy Clean regularly to make cleaning simpler. Add a drop of detergent to 400ml of water, pour onto the bottom of the oven and activate. Cake batter, fruit crumbles and splatters from that chicken roast all soften with heat and water. So that you can wipe them off with no effort. This is exclusively for the big cavity.

LED/ LCD-Display - Simple, straightforward. That's our LED/LCD Oven Display, with large characters for clear reading. You can see from afar if your lasagne is bubbling at the right temperature, or check how much time has passed. And with our knobs or touch buttons, it's easy to access all the oven's functions.

Cliprails - There are many ways to prepare your meals, even in the oven. With our detachable rails, you can place them right where you need them to be. So whether you're grilling satay for your friends, making Quiche Lorraine for that Sunday brunch or preparing pizza for movie night - top, middle or bottom - our Cliprails can be used on all levels. And the rails extend far out, so you can check your dishes without getting too much heat.

Key Features:

  • Top Oven Cavity volume: 34 Litre
  • Full glass inner door Cavity (inner surface) top: Enamel grey
  • Door hinge small cavity: bottom
  • Main Oven EasyClean 1 Clip rail, Stop function Cavity (inner surface) bottom: enamel grey
  • Oven with 4 heating methods: Top/bottom heat, Full surface grill, Small area grill, Bottom heat
  • Temperature range 50 ÷C - 275 ÷C 3 x combination grid, 1 x universal pan
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