Neff 90cm Flex Induction Hob | T59FT50X0

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Neff 90cm Flex Induction Hob | T59FT50X0

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Neff 90cm Flex Induction Hob | T59FT50X0

  • Flex Induction Hob with TwistPad control
  • TwistPad: our removable, magnetic control dial that gives you precise, convenient control over all cooking zones.
  • Flex Induction: place your pots and pans within the flex zone anywhere you want and heat them exactly where they stand.
  • Power Move: the flex zone offers three heating zones: boiling in front, simmering in the middle and warming in the rear.
  • Power Boost: optimized power level function for more flexible and even faster heating.
  • Induction: the heat is generated directly in the cookware for precise cooking that stops when power is off.
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