NEDIS Table Top Ice Cube Maker | 334339

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NEDIS Table Top Ice Cube Maker | 334339

  • Nedis NEDIS Table Top Ice Cube Maker or KAIC100FWT
  • Nedis NEDIS Table Top Ice Cube Maker or KAIC100FWT
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NEDIS Table Top Ice Cube Maker | KAIC100FWT

This Nedis® ice cube maker has a compact design but still a water capacity of 1.6 L to provide ice cubes for cold drinks whenever and wherever you need it.

Within only 8 minutes your ice cubes are ready for use. The maximum 'ice-making' capacity in 24 hours is 12 kg. When the basket is full, the ice cube maker has an indicator light that indicates if when the ice basket is full, but also if you need to add water will indicate this, and also if you have to add water.

This ice cube maker is very user friendly, first you put water in the reservoir then you turn the ice machine on, after it is on the machine will automatically pump the water into the water collector.

The cooling down phase now begins, after about 7 minutes, the first 9 cubes take shape on the pins, which are above the collection tray.

A short thaw phase begins to let the ice cubes fall. The tilting tray will now tilt the remaining water back into the reservoir and push the ice into the collection tray.

When it is done, the cycle starts all over again.


• Compact design

• Simple and electronic use

• Removable bowl for easy maintenance and cleaning

• Water tank capacity of 1.6 L

• Ice cube production rate: 8 min

• Up to 12 kg of ice per day - always on hand

• Low water level indicator

• Full basket indicator

• Big transparent screen

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