MOMO Design EVO9 Fighter 7.5A E-Scooter Green

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MOMO Design EVO9 Fighter 7.5A E-Scooter Green

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MOMO Design EVO9 Fighter 7.5A E-Scooter Green

*From 20th May 2024, new laws regarding e-scooters have been introduced. Users must be 16 years or older and obey a speed limit of 20km/h. E-scooters are banned from footpaths and users can't carry passengers. Always check local laws and regulations to see where and how you may use an electric scooter.

EVO 9 is part of the new range of Momodesign electric scooters, it is characterized by a new design and new features for an innovative and exclusive urban electric mobility experience. It is equipped with a "Near Field Communication" (NFC) anti-theft security system: a contactless stick (also available as a sticker to be applied on your smartphone) is associated with your scooter by bringing it closer to the display and allows you to unlock it at each use.

EVO 9 integrates 8.5" wheels with air chamber, designed to absorb impacts. With a charging time of 3/4 hours, you can reach a maximum speed of 25 km/h and a range of up to 25 km.

EVO 9 is equipped with directional arrows that allow scooter users to indicate their movements, improving safety on the road for themselves and others and is prepared for Mobility Ecosystem with the Smart Helmet (optional).

The instruction manual of EVO 9 is "paperless" and can be downloaded to smartphones by scanning the QR code on the NFC stick, to always have it at hand.

Speed adjustable via the display on the handlebarSpeed

1: 6 km/hSpeed
2: 20 km/hSpeed
3: 25 km/h

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