Legend Vinyl Stylus Cleaning Kit | LV6

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Legend Vinyl Stylus Cleaning Kit | LV6

  • Legend Vinyl Stylus Cleaning Kit or LV6
  • Legend Vinyl Stylus Cleaning Kit or LV6
  • Legend Vinyl Stylus Cleaning Kit or LV6
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Legend Vinyl Stylus Cleaning Kit | LV6

GET THAT CRYSTAL CLEAR SOUND AGAIN – Taking care of your stylus will help prolong its lifespan, protect your records, and ensure you’re getting the best possible playback. Experts recommend cleaning your stylus about once a week, so everything in this record cleaning kit is designed to help you keep your stylus performing to its optimum ability.

CARBON FIBRE STYLUS BRUSH – Using carbon brushes not only cleans the delicate diamond record stylus, but helps to reduce the dust-attracting static charge, so it makes cleaning twice as effective. You get to enjoy the sharper, crisper sound for much longer.

10ml STYLUS CLEANING SOLUTION WITH FINE MICROFIBRE BRUSH – Touching the stylus directly with your fingers, even if you think you have clean hands, lets the oils on your fingers attract more dust and dirt. The fine applicator brush attached to the lid of the solution bottle is designed to let you apply the correct amount of fluid with complete accuracy.

INCLUDES LARGE MICROFIBRE CLOTH – 32cm x 32cm, designed to safely remove dust and dirt from the surface of your LPs. If you collect and enjoy playing vinyl, then you will want the best cleaning and LP accessories to guarantee you maximum listening pleasure.

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