Innovagoods Champagne Prosecco Stoppers | 823030

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Innovagoods Champagne Prosecco Stoppers | 823030

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Innovagoods Champagne Prosecco Stoppers | 823030

A set of 2 champagne bottle stoppers with a modern and elegant design which enable you to hermetically seal the bottles. Its easy sealing system prevents the drink from losing its fizz, preserving the contents of the bottle for longer, as if it had just been opened. It is very easy to operate. Firstly, turn it until the arrow meets the open padlock symbol and then insert the stopper fully into the neck of the bottle. To activate the sealing lock, simply turn it so the arrow meets the closed padlock symbol. To remove the stopper, turn it again towards the open padlock symbol. This original stopper has been designed for sparkling drinks and champagne, cava and prosecco-type bottle necks (17.5-18 mm). The sealing lock does not work on wine bottles or other bottles with different necks to those it was designed for, although it can also be used as a conventional airtight stopper on these other bottles. It is also ergonomic, as it has different grip areas and its shape is adapted to the fingertips for a more comfortable use. It provides a firm hold and prevents drips and spills.

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