Huawei Band 6 Sakura Pink | 55026638

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Huawei Band 6 Sakura Pink | 55026638

  • Huawei Band 6 Sakura Pink or 55026638
  • Huawei Band 6 Sakura Pink or 55026638
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Huawei Band 6 Sakura Pink | 55026638

HUAWEI Band 6 has a 1.47-inch FullView AMOLED display, with a 148% larger viewable area and a 64% screen-to-body ratio with narrow bezels. Combine that with the 194 x 368 high resolution display with 282 PPI and you have something truly impressive to look at on your wrist.

Data works for you
The large display and high screen-to-body ratio not only look good, but also give you more data. Now it can show you bigger photos, more exercise stats, and constant heart rate monitoring in amazing detail. And so you have more freedom to see it all, thanks to the intuitive controls on the 4-way touch screen.

Do it your way
Change the cover to reflect your mood. With a wide variety of designs to choose from, accessible through the HUAWEI Watch Face Store, there will always be a watch face to catch your eye. Change them with a simple swipe and even use your own photos. Always put your best cover in view.

Comfort in full colour
Wear what feels good to you. Choose from four different HUAWEI Band 6 strap colours, each with its own individual aesthetic. Made from skin-friendly UV-treated silicone, they are super lightweight and refreshingly resistant to dirt. And with a weight of just 18g, get ready to experience truly comfortable use.

2-week battery life
The marathon runner in the world of wearables, the HUAWEI Band 6 offers an incredible battery life of 14 days for typical use and 10 days for heavy use. When you run out of power, no problem: you can use it for 2 days with just 5 minutes of charging with a magnetic charger. Life is too short to run out of battery.

24/7 heart rate monitoring
Keeping track of your heart rate is one of the best things you can do for your fitness and health. Technology heart rate monitoring TruSeen TM 4.0 uses an optical lens and data processing based on IA to monitor your heart rate accurately 24 hours of the day. Receive instant alerts when your heart rate drops or rises above safe levels. Put your heart health front and center.

SpO2 measurement day and night
Chronic low blood oxygen saturation, SpO2, can lead to fatigue, memory loss, and even brain and heart damage. For these reasons, you want to make sure you always stay in the safe zone. HUAWEI Band 6 has a built-in SpO2 detection system that monitors blood oxygen saturation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If it goes too low, the band will vibrate so you can take time to breathe and regain your balance.

Stress monitoring TruRelax TM
Relieve it, not revive it. It tracks your stress levels throughout the day to control stress TruRelax TM and when too rise, use the guide breathing training incorporated to return to a relaxed and focused state of mind. Start the path to a less stressed life.

Tracking sleep TruSleep TM 2.0
Wake up from a really restful sleep. TruSleep TM 2.0 detects when you're awake and when you are in one of four different states of sleep: deep sleep, light sleep, REM and nap. With improved accuracy of 96.3%, it tracks not only how long you've slept, but your quality of sleep as well. Six major sleep problems can be identified and you can receive more than 200 suggestions to improve your sleep. The best days start with better rest.

Menstrual cycle tracking
Keep an easy-to-navigate calendar of your menstrual cycle with HUAWEI Band 6. Receive discreet and timely reminders for when your period arrives. A loving and helpful assistant on your wrist.

Call the new you
Activate your day by setting 3 daily activity goals: Steps, Active Hours, and Moderate to High Intensity Activity. HUAWEI Band 6 will automatically track your progress through colorful, eye-catching rings. Receive motivational reminders and notifications when you've reached your goals. It always feels better when you've earned it.

Work it all
When you're putting all your effort into exercising, let the HUAWEI Band 6 do the rest. Choose from up to 96 different exercise modes and keep track of your heart rate, calories and more. All of your data can be stored and analysed in easy-to-read charts, so you can chart your fitness journey and set inspirational goals.

Personal assistant
HUAWEI Band 6 is not only a health and fitness tracker, it is also a more convenient way to interact with your phone. View incoming calls and messages, get weather updates, control your music and take photos through your phone's camera, all from the comfort of your own wrist.

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