Huawei Band 4e Graphite Black | 55025928

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Huawei Band 4e Graphite Black | 55025928

  • Huawei Band 4e Graphite Black or 55025928
  • Huawei Band 4e Graphite Black or 55025928
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Huawei Band 4e Graphite Black | 55025928

Innovative Dual Wearing Mode

Simplify Your Daily Life

Wearing the lightweight band on your wrist, you will be offered with smart features like activity tracking, sleep monitoring
and more to ease your life

Attach it to Your Shoe and Go

Wearing the band as a buckle on your shoe, you can simply press a button to collect precise basketball or running performance statistics. Attach it to your shoe and go!

Unlock the Potential to Run Your Best

Comprehensive Running Statistics

Thanks to the 6-axis motion sensor and innovative foot-wear mode, HUAWEI Band 4e provides 9 running form metrics including foot strike pattern, landing impact, ground contact time, cadence and more

Professional Running Guidance

By collaborating with the professional research institute, CISS, HUAWEI Band 4e provides detailed running form analysis and suggestions based on the comprehensive statistics, so you can improve your running efficiency and reduce the risk of injury.

Become a Professional Rider

Cycle Cadence Monitoring

Pedaling at a steady rate enables you to cycle more efficiently, and also reduces the risk of joint injuries. The HUAWEI Band 4e uses an advanced motion sensor to accurately record your cadence, so you can identify possible improvements

Tracking Data More Thoroughly with Two Devices

By connecting your band to the Huawei Health app together with another Huawei wearable device which monitors your heart rate, you can get comprehensive cycling data which covers cycling routes, speed, calorie, heart rate, recovery time, and VO2max.

Take Your Basketball Game to the Next Level

Record Your Every Move

Capable of meticulously monitoring your basketball performance, the basketball mode provides detailed data to help you get better for the next game. You can check vertical jump data like the number, height and hang time, and track basic movement stats, including speed, distance, steps and more, all in the Huawei Health app on your phone.

Know Yourself and Get Better

By tracking and analyzing your movement, it scores your overall performance in every basketball game including detailed results in jumping, sprinting, lower-body strength and other key performance data. Know yourself better and train like a pro

5ATM Water Resistance

With the feature of 5ATM water resistance, HUAWEI Band 4e is the companion you can take during sweaty workouts, surfing or swimming.

Stay up to 2 Weeks

Track your long workouts without worrying about running out of power. HUAWEI Band 4e provides up to 2 weeks of battery life with regular use.

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