Hotpoint 9KG White Tumble Dryer | H3D91WBUK

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Hotpoint 9KG White Tumble Dryer | H3D91WBUK

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Hotpoint 9KG White Tumble Dryer | H3D91WBUK

Keep your clothes looking their best for longer with the Hotpoint H3 D91WB UK condenser dryer with a 9kg capacity comes in a clean white finish. Featuring an easy-empty filter, a simple design making it easy to remove, empty and clean to maintain the cleanliness of your machine, the Hotpoint condenser dryer reduces energy consumption and cares for your clothes via it’s optimal temperature thermostat, which reduces energy consumption when clothes are dry and protects them from being exposed to high temperatures.

This, combined with the specially designed drum which flaunts a wavy pattern with lifters to make sure your laundry is gently floating on a cushion of air to maintain softness and colour. For when you can’t unload the dryer right away, the 10 hour Crease Care option will gently tumble your clothes for up to 10 hours after the end of the cycle, to keep laundry soft, prevent creases and bad odours. For added convenience when you’re in a hurry the rapid cycle takes care of your smaller loads in just 30 minutes which perfectly complements

Hotpoint’s pre-iron cycle, a short 20-minute cycle that easily reduces creases in your laundry before ironing, air is warmed to 60°C to relax fibres and reduce wrinkles, with maximum care for your clothes. With a boost in temperature, the hygiene option can remove up to 99% of bacteria from your laundry, making this Hotpoint dryer a reliable addition to your home that's tailored to perform whatever the challenge.

Structural Features

  • Door colour: Dual White
  • Blocked filter indicator
  • Weight (kg): 37
  • Drying capacity (kg): 9
  • Technology: Condenser
  • Installation type: Free-standing
  • Length of electrical supply cord (cm): 15.0
  • Colour: White
  • Reverse tumble action
  • Vent hose
  • Drum volume (l): 112
  • Loading type: Front loader


  • Standard cotton programme time at full load: 162
  • Connection rating (W): 2500
  • Current (A): 13
  • Weighted annual energy consumption: 616
  • Noise level (dBA): 66
  • Energy efficiency class: B


  • Width (cm): 59.5
  • Depth (cm): 61.0
  • Gross weight (kg): 38.7
  • Height (cm): 85.0
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