Haven Pizza Oven | 032578

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Haven Pizza Oven | 032578

  •  Haven Pizza Oven | 032578
  •  Haven Pizza Oven | 032578
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Haven Pizza Oven | 032578

Multi-fuel Pizza Oven – The outdoor pizza oven is a real party piece, fantastic  for hot summer evenings outside. The BBQ Pizza oven is wood fuelled, allowing  users to operate the oven using wood chips and chopped wood.

Delicious Stone baked Pizza Ready Within Minutes – The wood fired pizza  oven reaches temperatures of up to 400 – 500 degrees Celsius within 10-15  minutes, enabling rapid homemade Italian style stone baked pizzas within  minutes.

Built-in Thermometer for Optimum Cooking Results– The wood burning pizza  oven includes a built-in thermometer, helping you to monitor the temperature to  achieve the best results and an authentic taste.

High Quality Iron Design – the iron wall design enables temperatures to rise  quickly and retain heat for hours.


  •  Built in thermometer to monitor temperatures
  • Cooks wood fired flavoured 11” pizzas in as little as 3 minutes
  • Wood fuelled for consistent high heat and low maintenance
  • Reaches 400- 500°C in just 10 minutes
  • Ultra-portable - 8.5kgs
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