Aquarius 40 in 1 Resistence Workout Machine

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Aquarius 40 in 1 Resistence Workout Machine

  • Aquarius 40 in 1 Resistence Workout Machine
  • Aquarius 40 in 1 Resistence Workout Machine
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Aquarius 40 in 1 Resistence Workout Machine

The Aquarius Xtreme Workout Machine allows you to train wherever you are most comfortable whether at home, in a fitness studio or outdoors. With over 40 different exercise routines that target biceps, shoulders, back, abdominal, glutes as well as calves – this lightweight and portable piece of equipment is a welcomed addition to any fitness routine.

With your weight holding the plate in position the tight rubber bands can be used as resistance tools. The further they can be raised the more taught and forced whereas smaller more controlled movements can create faster intense repetitive motions.

With the rubber bands able to be adjusted in six varying levels on the underside of the board, the Aquarius Xtreme Workout Machine will meet you wherever you are on your fitness journey – from beginners and enthusiasts to experienced fitness junkies, the resistance points make home fitness achievable and enjoyable.

The Aquarius Extreme takes advantage of bidirectional power in more ways than one. The convenient grips that allow stand up workouts also double up as wheeled rollers for routines performed on the floor. Enabling a much more complete fitness program.

The Aquarius Xtreme is a compact and convenient full-body workout machine. Designed to use your body as the key resistance weight it allows for a minimalist, lightweight as well as strong and effective workout partner.

The Aquarius Xtreme Workout Machine is a convenient, compact and powerful piece of equipment that works with you to develop your abdominal, arm, leg and back muscle strength.

With the power of bidirectional resistance, the Workout Machine uses your own body weight to strengthen and build. This is seen in the resistance force needed to pull the taught rubber band from the base as well as the muscle use in the slow release stopping it from simply snapping back. Both using these raised and lowered bidirectional movements to achieve results.

The Aquarius Xtreme Workout Machine is versatile and can be used to your specific requirements and preferences. Due to its simplistic and portable design it can be used in more than 40 different exercise routines targeting your core, biceps, shoulders, back and glutes. The base platform is fitted with 6 varying intensity nozzles that provide a resistance staggered fitness routine, meeting you wherever you are in your strength level and allowing you to build as your body allows. The multi-functional features of the Workout Machine are seen in the rubber bands grips. The first use is when in an upright position - the grips act as handles for the bidirectional movement. Alternatively when performing routines based on the floor the grips act as wheeled rolls, enabling resistance movements that target different muscle sets depending on preference. Offering the luxury of lightweight, resistance-based fitness equipment the Aquarius Xtreme Workout Machine is perfectly sized to be placed in a gym bag and used wherever your workouts take you. Crisp mornings in the park, lunch break work out on a stone beach or sweating it out in a home evening session. The Aquarius Xtreme Workout Machine is with you on your fitness journey.

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