Amazfit Smart Scale | A2003

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Amazfit Smart Scale | A2003

  • Amazfit Smart Scale or A2003
  • Amazfit Smart Scale or A2003
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Amazfit Smart Scale | A2003

Influence of body fat percentage on physical fitness

Fat mass is three times the size of a muscle of equal weight. Therefore a person with a higher body fat percentage looks much more voluminous than a person of similar size and weight, but with a lower body fat percentage. This does not mean that the body fat percentage should be as low as possible, but that it should be in the right range. With the Amazfit body analysis scale you can measure your body fat percentage at any time so that you can choose the right fat burning exercises for your body.

High measurement accuracy to detect even slight weight changes

The Amazfit body analysis scale is equipped with a high-precision G-shaped sensor that is sensitive enough to detect slight weight changes of up to 50 grams. This means that the scale can show the change in your weight even if you only drink a glass of water.

Measures 16 key figures to assess your physical condition.

With its high-precision data processing chip, the scale provides key figures for 16 indicators of your body’s health based on the basic information you enter. This helps you to easily understand your overall physical condition. The scale can measure health data in either normal or sports mode to provide more accurate measurements for a wider range of users.

Analyses the calorie consumption of 18 types of sport for efficient body shaping*.

After you pair the scale with the Zepp app, the app calculates the calories burned in each of the 18 supported sports every 30 minutes based on the previously measured body data, so you can create a personal training plan for your body shaping.

*The calorie consumption function will be available with an OTA update. 18 types of sports are supported: walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, climbing, aerobics, table tennis, tennis, football, fencing, gateball, badminton, squash, taekwondo, bounce ball, basketball, rope skipping, golf.

Analysis of physical health

The Amazfit body analysis scale analyses your most important key figures on body health to provide you with an assessment of your body and suggestions for improving your health.
Components of the analysis results: body weight, body fat percentage, muscle mass, body water percentage, bone mass, protein percentage, visceral fat percentage, basal metabolic rate, subcutaneous fat, skeletal muscles, change in muscle mass, body mass index (BMI), ideal body weight, body type, physical age, body score.

Heart rate measurement while standing

The Amazfit body analysis scale measures your heart rate while standing and helps you to assess your general fitness level so that you can adjust your training plan and gradually improve it.

Analysis of the equilibrium capacity*

Equilibrium is an elementary ability to support the movements of the human body. An improved equilibrium ability helps to reduce the risk of injury during training and to improve your body shape. The Amazfit body analysis scale can measure your equilibrium ability in just 30 seconds.

* The equilibrium capability analysis function will be available with an OTA update.

Convenient and fast cloud data synchronisation

The Amazfit body analysis scale supports both WiFi and Bluetooth connections. All measured health data is easily and efficiently synchronised with your mobile phone and the cloud, giving you access to the data anytime, anywhere.

Large LCD display; contains up to eight body health indicators.

The 8.64 cm / 3.4 inch display gives you access to up to eight of the most important key figures on body health at a glance. Using the app, you can select your preferred body data to be displayed on the screen. You can choose between 14 different key figures on body health. This makes it convenient and customisable to use. When switched off, the LCD display is hidden and fuses with the glass cover. This gives the Amazfit Scale a uniform and elegant appearance.

More accounts for your family members

The Amazfit body analysis scale supports 10 accounts, each account can be used by up to 12 family members. To facilitate use, the scale can identify the family members who share an account. In an additional guest mode the data is deleted after use.

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