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Nilfisk Select Pet Care Bagged Vacuum Cleaner Black | SELECTPETUK

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Nilfisk Select Pet Care Bagged Vacuum Cleaner Black

The Nilfisk Select is built with the environment and you in mind. Its allergy filtration, cleaning performance and ease of use mean this exceptional vacuum cleaner delivers a new standard in cleaning technology.

Allergy rating – homes today have a high level of dust and airborne particles and allergies are becoming more and more prevalent. The Nilfisk Select reduces the dust levels in your home with an ‘A’ dust - emission rating with the inclusion of an efficient HEPA 13 or 14 filters. HEPA 13 filters secure cleaning without dust particles re-entering your home. For an even greater level of protection some Nilfisk Select models are equipped with a HEPA 14 filter. HEPA 13 and 14 filters are able to pick up the microscopic particles and return the filtered air to the room even cleaner than the air was to begin with.

Cleaning performance - Dust pickup on carpet an ‘A’ or a ‘B’ rating and dust pick up on hard floor an ‘A’ rating. This performance is achieved through optimization throughout the whole machine, without compromising on energy use and performance.

Energy saving – with an Energy Class ‘A+’ or ’A++’ rating you will save up to 50% of power usage compared to other vacuum cleaners.

Smaller for easy storage – we’ve made the Nilfisk Select small enough to store easily whilst still retaining all the latest features you would expect from a larger vacuum cleaner. The Nilfisk Select Superior is fitted with a remote control handle with adjustable suction levels, and on/off functionality - makes using the Nilfisk Select a breeze.

To make it even easier to use, we have also fitted the Nilfisk Select with click fit in the nozzle.

Dust bag capacity 3.1 Litres
Dust filter HEPA 14
Cable length 8m
Power 650W
Vacuum 17.5 KPA
Weight 6.4kg
Airflow with hose (L/SEC) 38
Suction power motor/end of tube 270/180 W
Length x width x height (cm) 42 x 31 x 27.5
Sound power level w/ nozzle (dB(A)60704-2-1) 75