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Item Code - WTH84000GB

Bosch Series 4 8KG Heat Pump Dryer - WTH84000GB

Bosch Series 4 8KG Heat Pump Dryer - WTH84000GB

Product Specifications

Be it cotton, polyester, wool, silk, or satin, the Bosch Serie 4 8kg heat pump tumble dryer handles different types of materials without any hitch. A Sensitive Drying System helps dry your clothes using mild, warm air to protect them from damage. Plus, the fabric-friendly drum structure with curved soft carriers is designed to be gentle on your clothes. The electric damp detector automatically adjusts the drying program with respect to the moisture content of the clothes, while the Down drying and Outdoor+ drying programs ensure ideal care for down-filled and outdoor clothing.

Key Features:

8KG Drum,
A+ Energy Rated,
Anti Crease Cycle
LED Display,
Child Lock,
Time Delay,
Sensor Drying
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