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Item Code - WSFO 3T223 PC X UK

Whirlpool, WSFO3T223PCX, Free-Standing Slimline Dishwasher

Whirlpool, WSFO3T223PCX, Free-Standing Slimline Dishwasher

Product Specifications

The Whirlpool WSFO3T223PCX dishwasher comes in a stunning stainless steel finish to ensure it stands out in any kitchen. It is able to to clean up to 10 place settings in one cycle which makes it perfect for smaller families. 

With its A++ for its energy rating, it will ensure a perfect efficiency throughout and with the intelligent sensors, it will be able to detect the perfect level of soiling and automatically adjusts the wash cycle and pressure required. 

With 8 programmes to choose from, there is also a super silent cycle meaning you can action the clean up all whilst enjoying a coffee with your family. 

the powerful water jets which are located at the back of the machine will work to deliver excellent cleaning results. The intelligent sensors are to detect the right level of dirt and adapt the water pressure accordingly. 

Key Features 

Time Saver Function
Quieter than average noise level (43dB)
Has a remaining time indication
Seven washing programs
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