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The Intercop GmbH was founded in Zurich, Switzerland, on October 16, 1967 by representatives of six national retail organizations.


In March 30, 1971 the company was renamed Expert Inter-national GmbH and organi-sations from other countries began to join. The Expert trademark was internationally registered. In 1999 a letter of intend was signed with Associated Volume Buyers Inc., Los Angeles-USA and the Cantrex Group, Montreal-Canada, which led to Betta Stores Ltd. from Australia/New Zealand joined Expert Global.

Today, Expert consists of more than 7’400 stores in 22 countries and realises sales (before tax) of more than Euro 16 billion in product areas such as consumer electronics (brown goods), household appliances (white goods) and installation, but also in personal communication equipment, personal computers and with modern management techniques at national and international level, Expert has become the strongest and most integrated voluntary chain in our field of business.

With this potential Expert has become uniquely capable to fulfill the needs and wishes of consumers with respect to honest and professional advise and to offer a full range of products and services at competitive prices.